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Haiku Tuesday's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Haiku Tuesday

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[11 Sep 2007|04:41pm]

Haiku Tuesday gets
Up off the grimey floor and
Eats your frakking soul.
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[08 Aug 2006|04:15pm]

Haiku flies through the
Vastness of teh_internets.
Tuesdays have meaning.
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It's been a long time! [08 Aug 2006|09:11am]

Our heroine's bored
Could use some haiku action
Entertain me, please!
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Words of Wisdom [08 Aug 2006|02:17am]

When deadlines are near
Do not go to Wal*Mart and
Buy Guitar Hero
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sky b/w the branches [21 Jun 2006|09:47pm]

do you find heaven
in sky between the branches
tell me what is there
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[20 Dec 2005|01:36pm]

silent emptiness
not even simple echoes
community void
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[06 Dec 2005|10:51am]

Coworkers' phone call...
Why do they use speaker phone,
Each at their own desk?
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[22 Nov 2005|04:19pm]

Turkey Day cometh,
President pardons turkey.
Why stop killing now?
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Juke that! [06 Jul 2005|11:18pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A haiku sample/What I bring to the table/It's all real, babyCollapse )
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[07 Jun 2005|02:51pm]

Cookies with many
chocolate chips are lodged in
my esophagus.
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New Haiku Comic [29 Apr 2005|02:12pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's a new web-based haiku-comic in town, called haikujukebox There will be 3 new comics a week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There are already a bunch of comics done as well as a new one for today. Come check it out!
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[26 Apr 2005|09:50am]

blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah blabbity blah blah
crisp white virgin snow
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[15 Mar 2005|04:15pm]

Horrific nightmares
Interrupt my beauty sleep.
A snake ate my cat.
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a haiku dedicated to krispy kreme [15 Feb 2005|07:52pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

hot and nows, mm mm.
can't pass by without stopping.
watch my belly grow.

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[15 Feb 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | bored ]

The second day of
the work week can just bugger
off for all I care.

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[15 Feb 2005|03:38pm]

IM lies dormant
No new missives from Detroit
My days are half lived
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[15 Feb 2005|03:33pm]

Haiku Tuesday has
been neglected for too long.
Dance for me, bitches.
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[01 Feb 2005|11:01am]

Past echoes rumble
Strong smells of previous meals
Eggs reek of brimstone.

Tears come unbidden;
Acrid fumes cause optical
trauma to those near.
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